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Thaco Logistics provides services of forwarding and warehousing to locate manufacturing and processing factories in combination with seaport services, including conventional warehouses and bonded warehouses that were built according to European standards. (Backgrounds, doors etc.)

Strict security and safety system (fire safety, alarms, etc.);
The most advanced software solutions;
Full warehousing and forwarding services.

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ICD CFS Warehouse: Providing warehousing services of grocery goods; cargo loading and discharging services; and service of goods volume managing, packing, and categorizing.

Grocery warehouse area: 8,160 m2

Open storage area (open yard): 10,000 m2 used to store all kinds of outdoor goods such as steel, prefabricated goods, and specialized machinery equipment. Area: 13,400 m2
Forklift truck: 10 units;
Pallet: 1,500 items;
Manpower: 30 people.

Bonded Warehouse: Provide forwarding services for exported- imported goods through the bonded warehouse: Implementing customs declaration, forwarding, shipping, cargo loading and discharging, inventory management, packaging etc. Area: 31,100 m2

Forklift truck: 15 units;
Pallet: 1,500 items;
Manpower: 50 people;
Racking System, Container withdrawal Tunnel with high standards.

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Harbor Beach: Performing storage services for empty containers for shipping companies, lifting/lowering empty containers, tidying up containers required by shipping companies/customers, repairing containers in accordance with international standards of IICL; managing stocks and reporting the time and number of containers stored according to shipping companies’ regulations. Area: 120,000 m2

Forklift truck: 2 units;
65 ton wheel-mounted crane: 1 item;
Manpower: 50 people;
Water and electricity systems to the construction.