Dear leaders, shareholders, partners, customers and all employees.

On the occasion of the New Year of the Ox 2021, on behalf of THACO Group, I would like to send you and your family the best Happy New Year.

In 2020, the world experienced a large and widespread economic recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Vietnam is one of the very few countries that has effectively prevented the epidemic and the economy still has a positive growth rate of 2.91%. As a large enterprise of the country, THACO has actively participated in epidemic prevention and control to keep all employees, customers and partners safe and has made efforts to maintain and stabilize the Group's production and business activities. , and at the same time well implement social responsibilities.

2020 is the first year that THACO officially operates under the model of a multi-industry industrial group with member corporations being THACO AUTO (Automobiles and Mechanics); THACO AGRI (Agri and Forestry); THADICO (Construction Investment); THILOGI (Logistics) and THISO (Trade in Services). In the field of Automotive and Mechanics, THACO AUTO continues to lead the domestic market with a market share of over 35%, total sales in 2020 reached more than 100,700 vehicles (including: more than 75,800 passenger cars, more than 24,100 cars) trucks and nearly 800 buses and minibuses), an increase of 10% compared to 2019 (total capacity of the domestic auto market in 2020 is 283,983 vehicles, a decrease of 7%). Export turnover of automobiles and spare parts reached nearly 45 million USD (Automobiles: 28 million USD and spare parts: 17 million USD), although they did not meet the set plan due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, but doubled compared to 2019.

In the field of Agri, Truong Hai Agri Joint Stock Company - THACO AGRI (formerly THADI) with the strategy of investing in large-scale agricultural production and applying industrial methods based on organic and management value according to the agricultural production value chain, including: Cultivation of fruit trees and Livestock (cow, pig). From 2021, THACO AGRI officially operates Hoang Anh Gia Lai International Agri Joint Stock Company (HNG) with a total area of ​​84,000 hectares of land. In which, the area of ​​fruit trees is 32,300 ha (THACO AGRI: 19,000 ha; HNG 13,300 ha) and continue to invest in new planting to expand the area of ​​fruit trees. Simultaneously develop breeding cows, beef cattle under the model of semi-grazing, concentrated fattening cows with a total herd of 100,000 heads. In addition, THACO AGRI invests in developing breeding pigs imported from Denmark to supply THACO AGRI's sow-meat farm system in the Southwest, Southeast and Central and Western regions. Nguyen with a total herd of 75,000 heads. Thereby, realizing the goal of providing clean agricultural products with large output and stable quality to domestic and foreign markets.

In the field of Construction Investment, THADICO (Dai Quang Minh Company) invests in the construction of transport infrastructure projects, industrial parks and urban areas of THACO. As for the projects of Agri and Forestry Industrial Park, in Chu Lai (Quang Nam) continue to carry out compensation and site clearance work (450 ha), and at the same time deploy the construction of THACO - Thai Binh Agricultural Industrial Park. 194 ha) - is oriented to be the food production center of Thai Binh province and the Red River Delta. For complex projects such as Yangon Myanmar Center project, the company has accelerated the construction and completion of the apartment complex to hand over to customers and focused on designing and completing legal procedures to implementing the construction phase II of the project; In Sala urban area (HCMC) has focused on completing the construction of SOCAR Trade Center to open and put into operation at the end of 2021. Besides, in 2020 THADICO will focus on managing investment activities. Investment in construction of projects for THACO AGRI's Agri sector, including stables and utilities for cow and pig farms and electrical system - irrigation system, utility works for farmers fruit school.

In the field of Logistics, THACO established Truong Hai International Freight Forwarding Company - THILOGI to operate and manage THACO's logistics companies including: Chu Lai Port company, Trucking company, company Sea transportation, is the focal point to organize and provide package logistics services for THACO and its partners. In 2020, the logistics block has done the following: In terms of automobile logistics, it has transported nearly 25,000 containers of materials, components, spare parts and delivered more than 91,000 finished vehicles to THACO AUTO's branches and agents across the country. country. In terms of logistics for agri, it has transported more than 15,800 containers of fresh fruit for export; 16,000 cattle and 6,500 containers of agricultural materials by two-way convection contribute to reducing freight forwarding costs. The total volume of goods through Chu Lai Port in 2020 will reach nearly 2.2 million tons.

In 2020, THACO contributes nearly VND 19,000 billion to the State budget, and actively contributes to social activities of nearly VND 80 billion to help the community in difficult times such as: sponsoring nearly VND 25 billion for diseases frontline hospital against COVID-19; 11 billion VND support for the provinces