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Address : Floor 18, Sofic Building, No. 10 Mai Chi Tho, Thu Thiem Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (028) 39.977.824-25-26 - Fax: (028) 39.977.742

The office in Ho Chi Minh City is also the main office of Truong Hai Automobile Corporation (THACO). There are management departments of the corporation's fields of operation.

Address : Hamlet 4, Tam Hiep Commune, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province

Phone: (0235) 3567.161 -162 -163

This is Chu Lai Open Economic Zone - Quang Nam province and so far THACO CHU LAI has a total area of more than 1,200 hectares, including: Mechanical & Automotive Industrial Park; Agri - Forestry Industrial Park; Port Area & Port Logistics; Chu Lai Urban Area.

Address : 541 Nguyen Van Cu, Gia Thuy Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.

Phone: 02438758914

Representative office in Hanoi city is the representative place in the North of Truong Hai Automobile Corporation (THACO).

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