THACO President: "New production methods and technology save THACO over VND70 billion annually"


Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology held a combined celebration in Hanoi from May 15-16, marking the national Science and Technology Day, the Ministry's 65th anniversary, and the 2024 Ta Quang Buu Awards.

“Donating blood isn't just about giving, but also receiving joy”


"Donating blood isn't just about giving," Ms. Nguyen Thanh Kieu, Team Leader at THISO Cleaning Service, explained. "It's the joy of knowing you're bringing hope for life and timely treatment to someone in need."

THACO Marathon: For Traffic Safety 2024 in Dien Bien Phu


The National Traffic Safety Committee joined forces with Dien Bien Provincial Committee, Traffic Newspaper, and the General Department of Sports and Physical Training under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to host the THACO Marathon: For Traffic Safety 2024 in Dien Bien Phu on...

THILOGI leaders attend East - West Economic corridor high-level meeting


Last week, Sekong province in Laos hosted a high-level meeting focused on cooperation for the development of the East-West Economic corridor. Mr. Bui Minh Truc, THILOGI President was among the attendees.