THACO builds cultural and convenient workplace


Over 27 years, THACO has cultivated a positive work environment. This includes strong policies, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for employees to grow their skills, unleash their creativity, and find passion in their roles.

THACO AGRI and HAGL University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital sign medical cooperation program


THACO AGRI and Hoang Anh Gia Lai University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital joined forces on June 1 in Gia Lai to improve employee healthcare through a comprehensive medical cooperation program.

Vice Mayor of Rotterdam City, Netherlands visits THADICO


THADICO hosted a visit and working session on June 6 with Mr. Vincent Karremans, the Vice Mayor of Rotterdam City and a delegation of Dutch businesses. THADICO President Nguyen Hoang Tue warmly welcomed the delegation.

THACO AGRI ramps up recruitment efforts


THACO AGRI, the THACO's agricultural Sub-holding is actively seeking qualified candidates to fill key positions in support of its production and business expansion plans. Accordingly, on May 16 and 18, THACO AGRI participated in job fairs across Kon Tum province, job opportunities in Korea under...