Sub-Holdings and Subsidiaries

THACO AUTO honors dealerships with excellent customer service in 2023


THACO AUTO recently held a ceremony to recognize car service centers across their Kia, Mazda, Peugeot, and BMW brands for achieving exceptional customer satisfaction in 2023 with the "Excellence in Service Customer Satisfaction" title.

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THILOGI organizes fire drill for units


THILOGI conducted a fire and rescue drill at Chu Lai Port, THILOGI Transportation and Packaging Companies for 450 employees from March 29 to April 12.

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Koun Mom Complex hands over 150 new houses to workers


Koun Mom Complex celebrated on April 6 the handover ceremony of 3 new farm housing areas in Daunpenh, LumPhat, and Andongmeas Companies. These 150+ houses will provide improved living conditions for over 500 workers, significantly enhancing their overall well-being.

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At THACO, we want to nurture a highly disciplined and empowering working environment where every employee is entitled to training, self-development and job promotions.