Since 2020, THILOGI has adopted international and domestic forwarding services to meet the increasingly diverse customer needs and to step by step complete its full-package logistics service model.

THILOGI's Forwarding service focuses on the goal to reduce costs and create competitive advantages for customers. In April 2023, THILOGI effectively provided international forwarding services to a number of FDI businesses in the central region, including DH Textile company (garments), Dong A company (car and truck spare parts), Goldbell (Forklifts) and so on. The materials and goods of these businesses are imported from countries such as China, Japan... to Vietnam thanks to THILOGI's forwarding services which aim to help businesses save costs, optimize time and respond promptly to their production and business schedules.


In addition to ship booking, or arranging transportation at competitive rates for businesses, THILOGI also provides other services such as customs declaration, customs clearance, import-export tax payment, completing documents (such as B/L, C/O...), import-export license, delivery management, inventory management... to enable businesses to improve the service quality, save money, time and costs and reduce risks in transporting and handling goods.

In order to maximize service efficiency, in addition to opening more cargo routes, expanding cooperation with major shipping lines in the world and opening more maritime routes from Chu Lai to international ports, especially in Northeast Asia, THILOGI also develops its agent systems in many countries around the world such as China, Korea, Japan, Canada, the U.S. to bring imported goods to Chu Lai Port, and also to apply preferential policies in some container services at the port, ready for new growths in the coming time.