Besides seaport, shipping and trucking services, THILOGI is developing goods packing and unpacking services, trying to form a full-service, specialized and efficient logistics model that meets diverse customer requirements.

THILOGI Packing & Unpacking Company is in charge of receiving, storing, unpacking, preparing, classifying, grouping and distributing all kinds of components and spare parts, and offering packing services at customer requirements to ensure safety during transportation.

Components are being carried to stations to serve the production line
Each line will be in charge of components of a respective auto brand with different standards
Imported auto components are unpacked and checked before transported to the factory

The company is upgrading the goods unpacking - checking - transport line with modern equipment, including automated tire stackers, cranes, goods-pulling trolley racks to help increase capacity and output. The lines are compliant with ISO 9001 technology standards to ensure service quality. The company also pays attention to researching and designing suitable packing solutions for each type of product, ensuring cost efficiency for customers by optimizing available materials, and diversifies into other related services: code classifying goods, labeling, stamping, customized packaging, goods and inventory management, scrap handling.

In the first 10 months of 2022, the company has packed nearly 11,000 sets of components and checked more than 107,000 sets. It plans to pack and check more than 156,000 sets of components of all kinds in the entire year.