On Dec. 31, 2022, THILOGI received and transported more than 1,000 cattle from Ia Puch farm in Gia Lai to Koun Mom Complex in Cambodia for THACO AGRI, marking the first cross-border cattle transport, a new development in THILOGI's logistics services in the livestock industry.


The cattle were mainly breeding (pregnant) cows, so stages from receiving, transporting to handing over must be strictly controlled to ensure safety. To complete the task, THILOGI has built a scientific and proper transportation plan in which experienced drivers were driving the 11 transporting trucks to ensure safe transport, limit shaking, and regularly check the livestock health on bumpy roads from Vietnam to Cambodia.


In addition, the transport at Le Thanh - Oyadav border checkpoint was carried out flexibly. 5 trucks passed through the border gate at the same time, cutting entry time, ensuring the cattle health as well as saving logistics costs.


THACO AGRI is using its land to the fullest extent by expanding its breeding cattle farms in the complexes in Laos and Cambodia on more than 10,700 hectares of land. In 2023, THILOGI expects to transport more than 60,000 cattle, mainly breeding ones to Laos and Cambodia for the THACO's agricultural sub-holding, including 28,000 to Koun Mom Complex, at the same time, combine countertrade transport of cattle (weaned calves) and cattle-based products for processing from agricultural complexes to Vietnam, meeting production and business needs of customers.