THADICO convened its 2024 Business Plan Conference on February 2 at Thiskyhall Hall, outlining strategies, goals, operational plans, and management direction for the year.

THADICO's 2024 Business Plan Conference

Attending the Conference were THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong, Vice Chairman Nguyen Hung Minh, THACO President Pham Van Tai, THADICO President Nguyen Hoang Tue and leaders of THACO's department, leaders and all employees of THADICO.

THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong is making a speech at the conference

In 2024, the global economies are forecast to continue to face many difficulties and challenges, THADICO focuses on consolidating and upgrading management, completing the set production and business goals and plans.

Despite anticipated global economic challenges in 2024, THADICO prioritizes strengthening management and achieving its established production and business goals.

At the conference, THACO Chairman outlined key priorities for THADICO in 2024: Continuing to serve as a trusted advisor for THACO and its Sub-holdings on investment and construction projects, leveraging THACO's multi-industry strategy to ensure optimal synergy and integration in the execution of key projects, placing strong emphasis on upgrading the design, legal, and implementation aspects of these projects for maximum effectiveness, developing and nurturing a new generation of leaders equipped with industry management expertise, aligned with THACO's core values and culture, and adaptable to evolving industry trends.

THADICO President Nguyen Hoang Tue is presenting at the conference

THADICO's President unveiled the company's strategic direction, system management approach, and five-year operating plan (2024-2027) at the conference.

THACO leaders are handing rewards to the best employees and teams of 2023

Demonstrating appreciation, THADICO awarded top performers from Chu Lai Complex (3 employees, 3 teams) and Ho Chi Minh City Office (2 employees, 1 team) at the conference, sending a clear message of encouragement to all employees for the coming year.