On October 13, in the Philippines, the THACO premium sleeper bus was launched at the 78th anniversary of Victory Liner Inc., one of the local biggest bus companies. The event was attended by the Sweden Ambassador to the Philippines, leaders of Volvo Buses (a member of Volvo Group), President of Victory Liner, and representatives of THACO AUTO.

THACO buses for export

Victory Liner, a pioneer in bus transportation services in Luzon, Philippines, has served customers for 78 years, with over 3,000 buses.

Victory Liner unveiled its newest product at the celebration: a premium sleeper bus that offers "Royal Class" service and a world-class passenger experience. The bus was researched, designed, and manufactured by THACO AUTO.

THACO buses are tested on the test track

THACO AUTO, Autodelta Company (Philippines), and Volvo Buses have partnered since 2017 to do market research in the Philippines to develop buses with Volvo chassis that meet the needs of customers. Volvo Buses sent a team of experts to Vietnam to provide guidance and training on body development processes and standards for the buses. THACO AUTO researches, designs, manufactures, and assembles complete products.

In May 2019, THACO AUTO completed 2 models (coach bus and city bus) using 45% locally sourced components. THACO AUTO's Volvo bus models met the technology and quality standards of Volvo Buses, and were well-received by customers in the Philippines after they were exported for testing. Based on the success of the tested models, THACO AUTO produced and exported a batch of 15 THACO-brand coach buses to Autodelta in December 2019 to serve the Philippine market.

Recognizing the shift in the Philippine market from seat buses to sleeper buses, THACO AUTO and Volvo Buses have partnered to develop sleeper bus products that are well-suited to the country's infrastructure and traffic conditions, providing passengers with comfort and convenience on long journeys. THACO AUTO exported 10 sleeper buses to Autodelta in the Philippines in August 2023, becoming the first company to develop and supply sleeper buses to this market.


ED Coating Line in THACO Bus Plant

THACO AUTO's R&D Center engineering team researched and designed the high-end sleeper bus model to Volvo's specifications and customer requirements, with over 60% localized content. The vehicle is built on a Volvo chassis with a monocoque body structure that meets European ECE R66 safety standards, reducing weight and increasing rigidity and stability.

The car model features a modern and sophisticated Sensory Contrive design with a comfortable interior that is designed around the user. The pneumatically balanced driver's seat is six-way adjustable. The bed compartments are designed to accommodate Asian body types and are fully equipped with high-end amenities, such as a hot and cold refrigerator, phone charger, lighting system, and personal drawers.

Interiors of the THACO buses for export

The product is manufactured at THACO BUS, the largest and most modern bus factory in Southeast Asia, with state-of-the-art production lines that are automated and digitally managed. Before leaving the factory, the vehicle is tested on a 2.4 km long test track that fully simulates all types of real-world terrain, ensuring that it meets the strict technical requirements, production processes, and global quality standards of our international partners.

Ms. Marivic Del Pilar, President and General Director of Victory Liner said, "When I saw and experienced the sleeper bus with great technologies and design during my tour of the THACO factory, I thought I must bring this premium product back to the Philippines as the first sleeper bus with Royal Class service to bring different values, marking the addition to our premium transport solution with a sleeper bus meeting the needs of traveling on long journeys. THACO buses have exceeded our expectations for creativity and innovation, providing passengers in the Philippines with a truly unique and exciting travel experience. Their buses meet the needs of passengers who are looking for a new, exciting, and comfortable way to travel.


Representatives of Victory Liner, Volvo Buses, Autodelta and THACO AUTO

It is known that "Royal Class" buses will make trips from Cubao to Baguio, in addition to routes from Kamias, Quezon City to Cagayan and vice versa.

Talking about developing and exporting the sleeper buses to the Philippines, Mr. Robbie Torres, President of Autodelta said, "When Victory Liner discussed the need to raise the bars with a high-class car with sleeper bus configurations, I think Victory Liner has a great opportunity to implement this idea in a short time when collaborating with THACO AUTO. As soon as we visited THACO Chu Lai, Victory Liner delegation was extremely impressed with the sleeper bus product. After that were series of discussions and planning, and during the execution, the sleeper buses were perfectly produced by THACO AUTO. I have high hopes that after this event, THACO buses will become better-known in the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia, Volvo Buses, THACO AUTO and Autodelta will make a strong force in the bus industry in the Philippines."

THACO AUTO aims to export over 2,950 vehicles of all types to Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Taiwan this year.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Bao, THACO AUTO President said, "To reach different markets, products must be designed and developed to suit the local terrain and traffic infrastructure. THACO AUTO prioritizes investment in product research and development (R&D) to ensure that its products meet the specific needs of each market. THACO AUTO's R&D Center employs over 400 highly skilled experts and engineers who are responsible for designing, simulating, prototyping, and testing products."

Welding robot line in THACO Bus Plant

“THACO AUTO has learned and accumulated its own experience and technology by transferring production and design technology from major partners. This has allowed the company to master the design, manufacturing process, and development of high-quality products that meet the needs of the Vietnamese market and export standards", added Mr. Nguyen Quang Bao.

THACO AUTO will continue to research international markets and quality standards to inform its R&D activities. The company will also invest in increasing production capacity to meet the export needs of key ASEAN markets. Additionally, THACO AUTO plans to expand exports to new and promising markets in Africa, West Asia, South Asia, and Australia.