As a multi-industry corporation which aims for sustainable development, in addition to its laser focus on production and business, THACO makes constant efforts in building its high-quality workforce in line with the new strategy.

Step by step, in its restructuring, the corporation focuses on building its successive leaders from THACO to sub-holdings, especially at THACO Headquarters. In early 2023, training programs were continuously provided for leaders and potential leaders to improve their management competence and expertise, meeting the current business needs.

On Feb. 18, a seminar named "Strategy - System Management at THACO and Sub-holdings" was given by THACO President Pham Van Tai to nearly 50 leaders and potential leaders.


After the training session, the participants had a clearer understanding of THACO's development milestones, vision, mission, strategy, and business model, the complementarity and integration between THACO and its sub-holdings, and their structures in 2023. Especially, the employees were provided with an in-depth study about the professional operation management at THACO Headquarters.

Accordingly, THACO's Professional Management Departments have two main functions. The first is to advise, coordinate and participate in governance by developing policies, regulations, and workflows, and ensuring compliance, and the second is to advise and support professional training for sub-holdings and below.


Speaking at the training session, THACO President Pham Van Tai stressed that to become one of the leading multi-industry corporations in ASEAN, THACO as well as sub-holdings, especially at THACO Headquarters should combine all the factors: value philosophy, different strategy, unique management, suitable human resources and cultural and convenient workplace.


Previously, on Feb. 17, "5S" training took place with the participation of 35 employees who are from the 5S supervision team and representatives from THACO's professional management departments. The training was given in the form of a presentation delivered by Mr. Pham Minh Hiep from THACO Administration Department.

The 5S process follows the 3 steps: preparation and warm-up, implementation, evaluation and improvement. In the training session, Mr. Hiep clarified the 5S methodology, its benefits in the workplace, how to comply and create a convenient working environment and improve efficiency.

Considered the training ground for THACO's management, THACO Headquarters will continue further training courses to strengthen the staff's competence and expertise. Expectedly, each professional management department at THACO will take turns to organize their own training sessions on a monthly or quarterly basis.