"I was most impressed by the meaningful image of THACO 25 years letter. The festival has brought me good memories and exciting moments. It's been a long time since I have been able to play and laugh so comfortably, everyone is like friends and family", shared Ms. Kieu Giang - a Household Appliance Merchandise Supervisor at Thiso Retail.

On Dec. 10, the THACO Day 2022 was organized in Ho Chi Minh City with interesting teambuilding games. In the morning of Dec. 10, more than 700 employees from THACO Sub-holdings gathered at Sala Stadium to participate in team building activities at THACO Day 2022.


The participants were divided into 25 teams, each with 20-25 members, taking part in a 5-stage challenge, namely Departure; Teamwork; Challenge; Engage and Connect.

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Ms. Huynh Thi Thanh Tinh, a planning executive at Thiso Sala Center said excitedly, "Although it was tiring, everyone was very happy, excited, and played hard. The climbing game was the most laborious, but it was the funniest. We had to come up with our own strategies, we also need to rely on each other to finish the game.”

On the same day, THACO AUTO, THACO AGRI, THACO INDUSTRIES, THILOGI men's football teams advanced to the final round of THACO Cup 2022. After exciting matches, the championship belonged to THACO INDUSTRIES, the second prize to THILOGI and THACO AUTO won the third prize.


Before the match, THILOGI had selected the best players to put on serious practice. Mr. Phan Thanh Duan, an IT executive from the team shared, “The whole team practiced really hard, but we still ensured the work schedule. After the tournament, what I remember most is the enthusiastic and fierce competition. But once the games end, we shake hands and talk to each other with affection.”

The "THACO - Love and Aspiration" Singing contest attracted more than 200 employees. Musician Cao Hong Son - Head of the Panel said that the performances have successfully represented the 6 sub-holdings. All teams had carefully prepared from costumes to props to offer performances full of emotions and colors.


Le Ngoc Tien, a marketing executive at THACO AUTO Head Office happily said, "I enjoy participating in music performances, so this festival is an opportunity for me. Thanks to this event, the whole team has the opportunity to get to know each other, I also have new relationships."

In the end, THADICO excellently won the first prize. THACO AGRI won the second prize. And THILOGI Warrior performance took the third place.

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After the final round - presentation, THACO Stories Writing Contest found the most outstanding works. According to the panel, all presentations had shown good content and form and conveyed the right message with exciting photos and footages.

With sincere content which successfully portrays his self-development journey, the essay of Mr. Ninh Ngoc Hien, an employee at THACO INDUSTRIES won the first prize. With confidence in her presentation and inspiration in her essay, Ms. Ngo Thi Hoai Phuong - THILOGI won the second prize. And the third prize went to Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Tien – THACO AGRI with an impressive message.

On the next day, nearly 220 employees departed from Sofic Office to visit Di An Truck - Bus Center and Binh Duong Passenger Car Complex. During the tour, employees have learned about the history of the dealerships, operational departments and functional areas. Employees also went to famous places, including Hi-Tech Park, Suoi Tien Theme Park, Lai Thieu - Binh Duong...

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At THACO Day 2022, Mr. Pham Van Tai, THACO President said, “Entering the new journey, we continue to build good values so that THACO culture becomes an internal source of strength and drives THACO's sustainable development. Especially, on this new journey, we continue to launch internal activities to develop unity among employees. Based on the core values that have been developed during the past 25 years, all THACO employees and member corporations will continue to contribute and dedicate themselves to contribute to the development of THACO, in the spirit of "Every HR is the ambassador of THACO brand”.