According to THACO Chairman's 2023 Message, 2023 is the year in which the company focuses on human resource development to build its core personnel, forming new-generation industrial people, and ethical and competent successive leaders who can meet the corporation's strategic aims.


In carrying out such direction, as well as to provide key personnel for agricultural production which demands competent and strong-willed work forces, the company leaders have sent employees in THACO Chu Lai to work at THACO AGRI's agricultural complexes. With enthusiasm and dedication, many have volunteered to take on their new missions at the complexes.

To send the encouragement to the first 120 employees going to Laos and Cambodia, THACO Chu Lai held a ceremony to see them off. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Do Minh Tam, THACO INDUTRIES President and Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri, the HR Director of THACO Chu Lai.


At the ceremony, Mr. Tri sent his praises to the volunteering employees. At the same time, he asked them to uphold their responsibilities, improve their competence, and turn challenges into motivation to meet the current requirements in production, business and management, thereby clarifying their own directions and building high determination to develop with the company on its new journey.

The HR Director added, at the Agricultural Complexes in Laos and Cambodia, there are nearly 1,000 employees from THACO Chu Lai, many of whom are holding key positions. This time, the transfer would add more high-quality people to THACO AGRI's workforce. With such transfers, we would want to create opportunities for staff's development in line with the company's, develop good corporation values to bring THACO to a new level with new motivation and internal strength to continue its new journey as expected by the Chairman and THACO leaders.


Representing those who will move to Laos and Cambodia, engineer Le Tin Duc, Head of the Cutting Line, Passenger Car Wire Harness Company shared, “We are grateful for this heart-warming ceremony and the leaders' encouragement. The tasks in the new locations will certainly not be short of difficulties and challenges. But we are taking this as the motivation and an opportunity to improve, and to prove our competence and. We will also bring our enthusiasm, strong will and determination to help develop the corporation, and take the "Chu Lai spirit" to the new land."


In the ceremony, the leaders presented the employees with meaningful gifts. With high responsibility and dedication, they hoped each one would be ready to try new positions at new place, and then contribute to the Group's development.