In September, THACO recognized 262 employees' children for their "Good Study, Good Lifestyle" in 2022.

Accordingly, there were 157 eligible students from THACO Chu Lai, 78 from THACO AUTO, 11 from THADICO, 12 from THACO AGRI and 4 from THACO HCMC Office.

The award recipients have all achieved excellent academic results for many consecutive years, had active participation in social community activities and good manners. Among them, 13 students had won high prizes in the national academic competitions or provincial sports and art competitions, all of whom had received recognition from Dong Nai Labor Federation.

THILOGI honors the children of employees who have "Good Study, Good Lifestyle" in 2022

THACO KIA factory leaders reward employees' children for good study - good lifestyle


THACO AUTO Phu Yen honors employees' children 
THACO AUTO Vinh Long honors employees' children 
THACO AGRI honors employees' children 

Honoring employees' children for their "Good Study, Good Lifestyle" is THACO's annual activity which shows its genuine care for the employees' well-being. The award is to give the students more motivation in their study, empowering them to become good and useful ones for the society in the future.