Amidst the challenges posed in the economy, THACO AUTO strengthens its cooperation and connection with domestic and foreign businesses to diversify partners in its investment, scaling up, innovations, or upgrading technologies for the production chains, seeking ways to form sustainable growth platforms in its new development stage.

THACO-AUTO-gặp-gỡ-và-kết-nối-với-các-doanh-nghiệp-trong-nước-và-quốc-tế-1 THACO-AUTO-gặp-gỡ-và-kết-nối-với-các-doanh-nghiệp-trong-nước-và-quốc-tế--2

As a result, on Mar. 30, THACO AUTO had a working session with 32 leaders of domestic and foreign businesses on developing multi-dimensional cooperation between the parties at THACO AUTO Complex in Chu Lai, Quang Nam Province. Welcoming the delegation was Mr. Nguyen Hung Minh, THACO Standing Vice Chairman.

At the meeting, the business leaders were introduced to the development history of THACO and THACO AUTO, and then visited the production lines at factories around the complex.


In the factories, the guests studied well their production lines, technologies and processes. They also showed great interest in the technology investment plans to seek cooperation opportunities in the future.


After the visit, not only expressing their impression at the scale of the factories, the visitors also appreciated the modern facilities, production equipment, technologies, and the lean management system at THACO AUTO Chu Lai. As they noted, the visit was a good opportunity for them to have deeper insights into THACO AUTO production activities, thereby helping them shape future cooperation direction with the company.