THACO AUTO convened on February 1 for its 2024 Business Plan Conference, with THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong setting strategic direction for the coming year. Comprehensive reports outlined strategy, operational plans, and management priorities for THACO AUTO Production Division, Automotive R&D Center, and manufacturing plants.

THACO AUTO Production Division's 2024 Business Plan Conference

Implementing the strategy and management orientation of THACO AUTO, in 2024, the Production Division continues to focus intensively on product research and development (R&D) activities, including: Integrating research to organize multi-brand production, increasing localization rate to ensure investment efficiency, creating values to customers through international quality standards and competitive prices; proactively updating market trends to develop a full range of products to meet the requirements of domestic and global markets. In addition, the Division focuses on developing human resources with positive attitudes, professionalism, sharp minds, and industrial style; train leaders with strategic thinking, understanding of business and markets, and towards international integration.

Following THACO AUTO's strategy in 2024, Production Division gears up for 2024 including integrating research across brands for efficient multi-brand production, increasing localizing components to drive efficiency, commitment to delivering international quality standards and competitive prices, proactively updating industry trends to develop products to meet market demands, In addition, the Division focuses on cultivating a workforce with positive attitudes, professionalism, sharp thinking and an industrial mindset, training leaders with strategic thinking, business and market understanding, and a vision for international integration.

THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong is making a speech at the event

At the conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong laid out a clear vision for THACO AUTO's future, emphasizing continued consolidation and upgrade of management practices to optimize production and business efficiency across the entire value chain, strengthening partnerships and aligning efforts with other Sub-holdings and THACO as a whole, applying rigorous quality checks for materials and components, including during transportation, ensuring consistent standards, effectively controlling costs throughout the production process, from ordering and transportation to manufacturing and distribution, and streamlining layout and adoption of advanced technologies, including assembly methods. By 2024, THACO AUTO aspires to become a true end-to-end truck manufacturer encompassing design and development, supply chain management, component production, vehicle assembly and providing spare parts, materials, and technical repair guidelines.

THACO AUTO Production Division's 2024 Business Plan Conference looking from above

Regarding human resource development, THACO Chairman emphasized: THACO AUTO Production Division needs to focus on implementing programs equipping employees with cutting-edge knowledge in automotive science and technology, specifically related to R&D activities, encourage a culture of self-learning and development, empowering employees to meet criteria and standards and become future leaders.

In the conference, 5 teams and 11 individual employees of THACO AUTO Production Division were awarded for their dedication, hard work, and contributions to the division's success.