On Apr. 7, at Na Meo border checkpoint in Thanh Hoa Province, THACO AUTO exported a fleet of specialized vehicles to serve the needs at NongKhang airport in Laos, making this a promising start of THACO AUTO's penetration into business at civil airports.


Invested with a total of $82 million, NongKhang Airport expects to be completed and handed over by April 30. Once coming into full operations, the airport will help attract investment and tourism cooperation between Vietnam and Laos, add values to the economies, and improve Laos’s living standards.

At the investor's request, THACO AUTO has manufactured and exported the 7-seat IVECO Daily Plus Premium mini buses, IVECO Daily ambulances and Mitsubishi Fuso FA140/FA1014R tank trucks. The vehicles are manufactured on modern lines in line with strict global standards of IVECO (Italy) and Mitsubishi (Japan). The vehicles were designed according to the airport's special requirements and Laos' terrain conditions and specific uses to help increase the airport efficiency, improve service quality and customer experience.

THACO-AUTO-xuất-khẩu-lô-xe-bus,-xe-tải-chuyên-dụng-sang-Lào-2 THACO-AUTO-xuất-khẩu-lô-xe-bus,-xe-tải-chuyên-dụng-sang-Lào-3

The premium 7-seat IVECO Daily Plus mini bus was developed and upgraded by THACO AUTO with many outstanding utilities and technologies such as: Automatic Swing Door convenient for getting on/off, luxurious, comfortable and spacious passenger compartment, seats with integrated massage functions, reading lights, Android entertainment screens, bringing comfort and new experiences to passengers.

THACO-AUTO-xuất-khẩu-lô-xe-bus,-xe-tải-chuyên-dụng-sang-Lào-4 THACO-AUTO-xuất-khẩu-lô-xe-bus,-xe-tải-chuyên-dụng-sang-Lào-5

IVECO Daily ambulance is fully equipped with modern medical equipment, especially a negative room pressure system with UV lights and bactericidal filter which can eliminate viruses in the air, and prevent cross infection. To meet environmental and medical standards, the ambulance resembles a mini mobile hospital which provides emergency health aids for passengers and staff quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the Mitsubishi Fuso FA140/FA1014R tank truck was developed based on the vehicle model which accommodates a Common Rail direct fuel injection system, a powerful and durable 6-speed gearbox, and a multi-function 6-cubic-meter tank to serve a variety of activities at the airport, including watering plants, artificial rain spray, cooling, firefighting, etc.


To ensure proper vehicle uses, THACO AUTO has sent engineers to the location to guide the vehicles' special operations, pre-driving checkups and control driving problems on the road, optimizing their operational efficiency and performance.

After this shipment, THACO AUTO continues to research and develop more advanced products to meet diverse requirements from NongKhang airport's operations in future developments and other airports as well, step by step diversifying its product lines for civil airports.