On June 17, Snuol Complex in Cambodia received 1,008 breeding cattle from Ia Puch farms in Vietnam. This is the third time in the year that the Cambodian complex has received breeding cattle from other locations, totaling 3,024 heads.


These cattle are White Brahmans, Droughtmasters, Red Angus, Red Brahmans, Gray Brahmans, Shorthorns and Charolais, 4 to 6 months pregnant. Therefore, the rearing process is paid close attention. After arrival, the cattle are fed on Napier grass 100% within the first 7 days. Afterwards, they are going on a TMR (total mixed rations) diet, including forages, grains, and vitamins in accordance with regulations. All cows are examined and vaccinated.

In addition to standardized barns, food processing areas and water filters, the Complex also has its competent human capital, including veterinarians, disease supervisors, and environmental supervisors to give good caring, rearing, disease control and prevention to ensure biosecurity for cows.


By September, Snuol Complex expects to receive its first calves. By the end of the year, the Complex will be putting into operation 6 more cow sheds, increasing from 3,024 to 12,000 cows.