On July 3 and 4, at THACO AGRI's Snoul and Kounmom complexes in Cambodia, the company president, Mr. Tran Bao Son and leaders from its subsidiaries welcomed the delegation of High Command Headquarters of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, under the Ministry of National Defence of Cambodia. The guests were led by General Yong Mao, deputy commander of the Royal Cambodian Army and Mr. Ngo Van Tuat, Counselor of the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia.


During the 2 working days, the delegation had a field trip to survey the agricultural production and investment activities of THACO AGRI, including fruit cultivation, livestock, and its construction works, e.g. transport infrastructure, irrigation, and electricity in Kratie and Ratanakiri provinces in Cambodia.


After the field trip, General Yong Mao said, "We are very happy to receive the heart-warming welcome from THACO AGRI leaders. We have listened to your development strategy and after 2 days here, we have seen how you have been growing sustainably. We are so delighted that you have yourself built a very successful business model here. It also goes in line with the desires of the Cambodian Government in which we always want to have businesses with systematic approaches. At the moment, there are no other foreign agricultural companies in Cambodia, and THACO AGRI is the first and most modern one."


Mr. Ngo Van Tuat, Counselor of the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia also added, “It is my honor to join the trip and see how great your work is. I am very impressed with your breeding model, scale as well as workforce. I have strong faith in your success story, in which jobs will be continuously provided for Cambodian people, strengthening the friendship between Vietnam and Cambodia. To achieve this, I believe the story should include the constant support of the Cambodian people, the Government, agencies and the army."


At the end of the meeting, leaders of THACO AGRI and the Royal Cambodian Army proposed cooperation plans between the two sides in the near future.