The Institute for Strategy and Policy Studies under The Ministry of Industry and Trade and Quang Nam Department of Industry and Trade worked with THACO Industries on developing the pilot policies and foundations to encourage cooperation in cluster-based mechanical and supporting industries production in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.

The delegation visited the factories at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park (IP), laid out required works for the project, and then appointed works for the involved parties. Accordingly, one of the project's key goals is to form a Mechanics & Supporting Industries Center, in which businesses in general and those in Quang Nam province can join THACO's production chain for automaking, mechanics and supporting industries through THACO Industries.

The Institute will be in charge of developing the project's outline and action plan to reach a concensus among Quang Nam Department of Industry and Trade and THACO Industries. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is to develop a database for automotive, mechanics and supporting industries, organize seminars, form relationship with partners and experts to seek consultants for the project.

On THACO's behalf, THACO Industries is in charge of working with Quang Nam Department of Industry and Trade during the project implementation, supporting and advising on facility layout, factories, production lines for manufacturing businesses in THACO Chu Lai IP.

The parties were asked to study the current mechanisms and policies of the State as well as Quang Nam province on mechanics and supporting industries, research business needs, therefrom proposing feasible and appropriate regulations and policies.

Understanding the importance and the scope of this nationwide project which will have impact on the sector development strategy and the State's current policies, the Institute is committed to building human capacity, developing sound project action plan in line with realities and requirements of the sector and regions. In return, Quang Nam Department of Industry and Trade and THACO Industries is to estimate the project funding.