Koun Mom Complex celebrated on April 6 the handover ceremony of 3 new farm housing areas in Daunpenh, LumPhat, and Andongmeas Companies. These 150+ houses will provide improved living conditions for over 500 workers, significantly enhancing their overall well-being.

Ông Trịnh Tuấn Kiên – P.TGĐ thường trực KLH Koun Mom phát biểu
Mr. Trinh Tuan Kien, Koun Mom Complex's Standing Deputy Director is speaking at the event

Speaking at the house handover ceremony, Mr. Trinh Tuan Kien, Koun Mom Complex's Standing Deputy Director said: "2024 marks a pivotal year for Koun Mom Complex, with significant investments planned to bolster our production and business activities. In human resources development, we focus on upgrading housing, kitchens, and utility services, ensuring access to quality medical services for stabilizing workers' lives, providing skills training to our employees, and fostering a culture of discipline to build a highly skilled and professional industrial workforce."

Khu nhà ở nông trường DP1.1
The worker housing area at DP1.1 farm

Koun Mom Complex's investment in DP1.1 farm's housing extends to a comprehensive plan encompassing: synchronized infrastructure development, including transportation, irrigation, and electricity systems, and other support facilities: a farm main office, a training room, and a clinic to ensure employee well-being, a collective dining room and a living water and RO water filtration system.

Ông Ma Vichach - Phó Tỉnh trưởng Ủy Ban tỉnh Ratanakiri phát biểu
Mr. Ma Vichach, the Deputy agricultural Governor of Ratanakiri Province is speaking at the event

Mr. Ma Vichach, the agricultural deputy governor of Ratanakiri Province said: "I was really impressed by the scale, modern design, and the amenities of the housing units. On behalf of the Provincial leadership, I want to acknowledge Koun Mom Complex's significant contributions to Ratanakiri Province. This project not only supports the development of the agricultural industry but also creates valuable job opportunities and improves the lives of workers, contributing to the stability and well-being of our society.  We, as the leaders of Ratanakiri province's departments and branches, are firmly committed to supporting this project, ensuring security and order, and creating safe working conditions to facilitate the continued development of the Complex."

Toàn cảnh buổi lễ bàn giao
The housing handover ceremony

Sharing his joy when receiving a new house, Mr. Chourng Phearum, a worker at the DP1.1 Factory said: "Working at the complex has been a truly rewarding experience. The company provides us with a stable income and decent living accommodations. Our new houses are spacious, modern, and fully furnished. We also have access to electricity, clean, filtered RO water, along with various other benefits. The workers here at DP1.1 Factory are all very excited, happy, and confident about the complex's future growth."