On Mar. 21 to 23, a delegation of John Deere Corporation, led by its Asia Pacific Business Manager, Mr. L.P. Theng visited THACO AGRI's Snoul and Koun Mon complexes in Cambodia and Ia Puch Complex in Vietnam. Accompanying the visitors was Mr. Vu Manh Tien, the U.S.-based Corporation’s Region Manager in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Welcoming the guests, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh Tu, the Deputy Head of the Mechanical, Machine and Equipment Management Department said, “Currently, with ​​more than 84,000 hectares of land and upgraded infrastructure, THACO AGRI is developing a mechanized agro-forestry business.”


John Deere is currently one of the most potential and reputable agricultural equipment corporations in the U.S. The visit was to examine the actual conditions at the complexes to get a picture of the entire production, e.g. the production scales, development orientations in agriculture and livestock farming of THACO AGRI, and in return to share their own experiences in Europe and Southeast Asia.


On behalf of the team, Mr. L.P. Theng gave thanks and judged that the visit was of great significance in serving as a basis for promoting cooperation between John Deere and THACO AGRI in the future.

After the trip to the agricultural complexes, the delegation will fly to Chu Lai to visit the manufacturing factories of THACO INDUSTRIES, THACO AUTO CHU LAI and THILOGI.