On September 22, 2021, Chu Lai port (Quang Nam) belonging to Truong Hai International Shipping and Forwarding Company (THILOGI) was planned from a class 2 seaport (local general port) to a class 1 seaport (local general port) national port, regional hub) as approved by the Prime Minister on the Master Plan on Development of Vietnam's seaport system in the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. According to this new classification, Chu port

1. Cảng Chu Lai trở thành cảng biển loại 1.jpg

Chu Lai port becomes a class 1 seaport

In order to develop Chu Lai port commensurate with the scale and cargo exploitation output of a class 1 seaport, Quang Nam Province has approved the Outline of tasks and cost estimate for survey and development of Chu Lai seaport. towards 2030. The goal is to develop the Chu Lai seaport system into one of the focal points for transportation, domestic and international trade in the Central and Central Highlands regions; is the gateway connecting to the East Sea of ​​the Central Highlands, Southern Laos, Northeast Cambodia and Thailand. The Provincial People's Committee assigned the Provincial Management Board of Economic Zones and Industrial Parks to coordinate with THILOGI to research and promote investment in opening the new Cua Lo channel; soon complete dossiers and procedures, deploy investment, construction, upgrading and expansion of Chu Lai port in accordance with the Prime Minister's planning approval.

3. Cảng Chu Lai có vị trí địa lý thuận lợi, kết nối với các khu công nghiệp và các vùng, miền edit.jpg

Chu Lai Port has a favorable geographical position, connecting with industrial zones and regions

2. Cảng Chu Lai được đưa vào hoạt động vào tháng 5_2012, công suất 4 triệu tấn_năm-edit.jpg

Chu Lai Port was put into operation in May 2012, with a capacity of 4 million tons/year

7. Xuất khẩu ô tô qua cảng Chu Lai_edit.jpg

Exporting cars through Chu Lai port

5. Cảng Chu Lai hợp tác với nhiều hãng tàu lớn, kết nối các tuyến hàng hải quốc tế, phục vụ xuất nhập khẩu hàng hóa.jpg

Chu Lai Port cooperates with many major shipping lines, connecting international maritime routes,
serving import and export goods

On the side of THILOGI, based on the approvals and planning of Quang Nam province, the company invested in the project of expanding the wharf 365m downstream to build a wharf to receive ships of 50,000 tons; at the same time, continue to invest in and upgrade infrastructure and synchronous loading and unloading equipment to meet the increasing import and export needs of businesses in the Central - Central Highlands.

6. Hệ thống kho bãi tại cảng có diện tích hơn 167.000m2, được xây dựng theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế edit.jpg

Warehouse system at the port covers an area of more than 167,000m2, built according to international standards.