To foster stronger communication and information sharing within THILOGI Transportation Company (THILOTRANS), a new monthly program called the Exchange Event was launched in May 2024 which provides a platform for the leadership team to directly connect with departmental teams.

THILOTRANS has nearly 400 drivers transporting employees and a wide range of goods

The first session featured a presentation by Mr. Bui Tran Nhan Tri, the THILOTRANS President on cultivating a strong traffic safety culture and positive driver behavior. This focus on employee conduct aims to enhance the company's reputation and deliver exceptional service quality.

Chương trình trao đổi thông tin nội bộ được tổ chức định kỳ hàng tháng tại THILOTRANS
The internal information sharing is held monthly at THILOTRANS

THILOTRANS boasts a driving team exceeding 400 employees responsible for critical tasks: employee shuttles, domestic and cross-border goods transportation, and supporting production activities across the Central Region, Central Highlands of Vietnam, Southern Laos, and Northern Cambodia. Given the nature of their work in the transportation industry, THILOTRANS prioritizes ongoing skills development alongside fostering ethical conduct and professional behavior amongst its drivers.

The THILOTRANS President stressed the importance of fostering a positive company culture that emphasizes respectful behavior both within the team and in interactions with colleagues across departments. He shared: "Over the past 17 years, the THILOTRANS driver team comprises a multi-generational workforce. Younger drivers bring creativity and energy, while veteran drivers offer experience and knowledge of established routes. The company fosters a culture of mutual respect and learning, encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration between generations. This collaborative spirit is essential for building positive relationships not only within the team, but also with clients and partner organizations, ultimately fostering a culture of professionalism and building strong partnerships."

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  In addition to their driving responsibilities, drivers play a key role in shaping the company's brand   THILOGI's drivers uphold the qualities: cultural - ethical - professional 

THILOTRANS' driving culture incorporates the core values, regulations, and positive behaviors established by THACO's cultural foundation, while also considering the specific characteristics and demands of the freight forwarding industry. Upholding the motto "Each employee is a brand ambassador," the drivers understand that their role goes beyond safe and efficient goods transportation. They are the face of THILOGI, representing the Group's image and reputation to the world. Building a strong culture of conduct is a top priority. The company strives to cultivate a team of professional drivers known for their courtesy, integrity, and dedication, ultimately contributing to THILOGI's continued growth and success.