In addition to OEM springs for domestic automakers, the Auto Spring Plant of THACO INDUSTRIES also produces separate springs to export to other countries such as South Korea, Canada, and Cambodia. On August 28, the factory exported more than 130 tons of separate springs to DAEWON Co. in South Korea, the 8th shipment sent to the Korean company from the beginning of 2023.


The exported springs are made from SUP 9 (9A) steel that meets the JIS G 4801:2011 standards, manufactured on modern and automated assembly lines. The product delivers the same quality as those produced by DAEWON, with high elasticity, durability, good load-bearing, smooth operation and able to serve transportation on different terrains.


In 2023, the factory plans to export 2,000 tons of springs of all kinds. In the year after, the plant is expanding its market to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and upgrading its technologies and production lines to meet output and quality demands.