On September 26, the HONG DUONG 18 ship carrying 1,500 tons of tapioca starch from Quang Ngai Agricultural Food Company departed from Chu Lai Port. From the beginning of the year, this company has exported 42,000 tons of tapioca starch and is expected to export 60,000 tons this year. In September, Chu Lai Port transported and exported over 3,700 tons of tapioca starch for businesses, a 70% increase year on year.


In the third quarter of 2023, the port throughput reached nearly 760,000 tons, up 14% compared to the same period last year, including 405,000 tons of containers and 355,000 tons of bulk and liquid cargos. The imports and exports included automotive components, machinery, tapioca starch, pills, woodchips, household appliances, textiles, and paper materials, especially agroforestry goods from Laos businesses.


Such growth was spurred by innovative logistics solutions, technical advancements, infrastructure updates, and workforce development at Chu Lai Port, which provide high-quality services to efficiently handle large cargos to meet customer needs. Currently, Chu Lai Port is seeking new potential customers to increase its throughput and contribute to trading activities in the region.