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To be a sustainably growing multi-industry corporation in the context of global integration


To create value for customers & society

Core values

5 key pillars: 

1.Value-based Mindset

2. Distinctive Strategy 

3. Unique Management 

4. Qualified People 

5. Empowering & Convenient Workplace

Thaco LOGO meaning

The logo is designed modern and harmonious with stylized font, showing Truong Hai uniqueness, strong and industrialized yet elegant.

Blue was chosen as the dominant color. This is the color of the name Truong Hai. Blue is also one of three primary colors symbolizing the environmental friendliness and sustainability. Additionally, "Truong Hai Auto" in red is selected as the foundation, representing the passion to lead Vietnam's automobile industry and the direction of enhancing Vietnam’s automobile industry position in the region. The strongest contrasting colors, red and blue, used in the logo bring a balance of structure and represent its strong idea. 

In addition to representing THACO brand - Truong Hai Auto, the logo also represents the business philosophy of the corporation: Caring for our products, services, every employee, and the community. 

Furthermore, Truong Hai strives to improve the STATUS of the company and its employees in the society to become a strong corporation representing the automotive industry of the country. In order to actualize the company philosophy toward the development of a sustainable corporate culture, Truong Hai proposes eight criteria, including DEDICATTION, HONESTY, INTELLIGENCE, CONFIDENCE, RESPECT, PRESTIGE, ENTHUSIASM, and CONVENIENCE.