From June 1 to June 3, writers from the Vietnam Writers' Association had a meaningful visit at the THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park to have a look at real lives of workers, especially hi-tech workers to collect materials for the writing contest about workers and trade unions which is held by Vietnam General Confederation of Labour.


The guests were informed of the scale, development history, business activities of THACO and THACO Chu Lai, and later toured around the automotive and mechanical manufacturing plants, Chu Lai Port and THACO College. In particular, the guests also met THACO Chu Lai employees and asked them about their work, personal development, passion and enthusiasm for the job, as well as changes in life after working at the company.

Đoàn-Nhà-văn-đi-thực-tế-sáng-tác-tại-KCN-THACO-Chu-Lai-2 Đoàn-Nhà-văn-đi-thực-tế-sáng-tác-tại-KCN-THACO-Chu-Lai-3

The writers all expressed their impression at the big scale development at THACO and THACO Chu Lai, and their important contributions to the development of Quang Nam province and the country. Real images and stories of THACO Chu Lai's industrious, hard-working, creative and dedicated workers will surely be a great source of inspiration for the writers in their new works about the beauty of labor and the aspirations to contribute and develop the homeland in the new period.