On Mar. 12, the Vietnam-Laos Inter-Governmental Committee, led by Mr. Tran Quoc Phuong, Vietnam Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment cum the Committee's Vice Chairman along with members from the Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Government Office visited NongKhang Airport in Huaphan Province, Laos.

Receiving the guests were Mr. Vieng Sa Van Vi Lay Phon, the Committee's Vice Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Nhat Tuan, Deputy General Director of THACO AGRI Laos and the project managers.

Đoàn-Liên-ngành-Ủy-ban-Hợp-tác-Việt-Nam---Lào-tham-quan-dự-án-Sân-bay-NongKhang Đoàn-Liên-ngành-Ủy-ban-Hợp-tác-Việt-Nam---Lào-tham-quan-dự-án-Sân-bay-NongKhang-2

At the meeting, the project managers reported its progress and completion plans to hand over the facility to the Laos Government as committed.

The delegation also toured the airport, examining the terminals, the runways, the operator station, the bus station, and the fire protection system... which are equipped with modern facilities and equipment. The visitors sent their support and encouragement to the project management board to make on-schedule completion.


Receiving an investment of $82 million, once completed, the NongKhang Airport will help attract investment and boost Vietnam - Laos tourism cooperation, create added values for the economies, and improve Laos living standards. The project is expected to be completed and handed over by Apr. 30 this year.