THISO employees joined the recent Britcham Fun Run 2024 held in Sala City. The event provided a chance to promote both physical well-being and social responsibility, uniting participants in a spirit of community and giving.

Toàn cảnh Giải chạy thiện nguyện Britcham Fun run
The Britcham Fun run charity run

The annual Britcham Fun Run, organized by the British Chamber of Commerce Vietnam, raises vital funds for education, healthcare, wildlife protection, and social welfare initiatives. THISO employees participated, running together to contribute to these worthy causes and inspire those facing challenges.

Beyond fundraising, the Britcham Fun Run fostered camaraderie among THISO employees. It provided a platform for connecting with others, sharing the positive energy of running, and promoting a healthy lifestyle within the community. Ms. Le Thanh Van, an Administrative Assistant of Thiskyhall joined the race with her family, saying: "The Britcham Fun Run's theme and the volunteer activities resonated deeply with me, inspiring me to sign up with my family. I'm grateful to the company for this opportunity. It was a chance to get active, strengthen family bonds, and help my children build confidence through social interaction."

Chị Thanh Vân cùng gia đình tham gia giải chạy Britcham Fun Run 2024
Ms. Thanh Van and her family at the Britcham Fun Run 2024

On the Britcham Fun Run's 5km course through the heart of Sala urban area, many participants are either new to running, enjoying the event with family, or looking for a manageable challenge. This distance serves as a springboard for those who might aim for longer runs in the future.

THISO employees crossed the finish line with a wealth of positive experiences. The race not only instilled a deeper appreciation for the health benefits of running but also sparked a commitment to regular exercise dedicated to physical well-being, improving the health of themselves, their families, and finally, the community they serve.