To meet business requirements in the regions, THILOGI Trucking (THILOTRANS) has put into operation 3 branches in Hanoi (northern region), Gia Lai (central highlands region) and Dong Nai (southern region). Establishing a nationwide branch system enables the company to proactively organize and operate its shipping and forwarding services, promptly respond to customer needs, expand its business network, attract new customers, expand and diversify product sourcing.


Demand for the production and delivery of goods is increasing as we approach the end of the year and prepare for the 2024 New Year. THILOTRANS is committed to upgrading its entire chain of operations and services, establishing quality standards, consolidating human resources, and implementing flexible business policies to meet customer needs promptly. THILOTRANS provides 24/7 domestic and cross-border trucking services from Vietnam to Laos and Cambodia, along with other value-added services, to save time and costs for partners and customers.

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THILOTRANS plans to invest in 25 tractors and 25 semi-trailers to increase its transportation capacity and establish cargo transfer stations in Ba To (Quang Ngai) and Phuoc Son (Quang Nam) to connect the entire transportation route nationwide. It will continue to expand and consolidate its nationwide network of warehouses and linked stations to improve the delivery and transportation chain along the route: packing workshop - warehouse - border checkpoint - port for export.