THILOGI, the THACO's logistics subholding on August 25 trucked more than 11,000 tons of woods pellets for Asia Creative Energy Company from Quang Ngai to Chu Lai port in Quang Nam province. The cargoes were then shipped to Japan on PULANG TALA (MANILA) general cargo vessel.

Pellets are one of the bulk commodities exported at Chu Lai port

To make it easy and quick to transport and load goods onto the ship, THILOGI has developed detailed and scientific transport plans from vehicles, transportation solutions, terminals or loading solutions. Particularly, the logistics firm mobilized 22 tractors to continuously transport pellets from Quang Ngai to Chu Lai to ensure timely cargo loading and ship release schedule. Chu Lai port also provides the customer with a wide range of services such as berths, mooring buoys, loading and unloading, freight inspection, customs procedure services, etc. to offer highquality services which save time and costs for the customer, improving its product competitiveness.

THILOGI shipped pellets for Asia Creative Energy Company

Currently, wood pellets demands are on the rise at Asian markets, especially Japan and South Korea. Knowing this, THILOGI is enforcing cooperation in transporting and exporting wood pellets through Chu Lai port with many enterprises in the central region, e.g. Asia Creative Energy Company (Quang Ngai), Quang Nam Woodchip Company, and more, among which Asia Creative Energy has been its 6-year business partner. Since the beginning of this year, the company has exported nearly 170,000 tons of pellets through Chu Lai port, expects to ship more than 220,000 tons in the entire year, 440% higher than 2021.

A number of Japanese partners of woodpellet enterprises Phu Tai Bio-Energy or Asia Creative Energy, etc. have recently come to visit Chu Lai port to evaluate its export capacity, opening new cooperation opportunities in the future.

With well-balanced investments in port infrastructure, means of transport, drivers and so on, THILOGI is on its way to upgrade the full-package logistics chain, develop new trucking routes, connect cargo sources in central Vietnam and Central Highlands, and attract different importers and exporters with a variety of cargoes (containers, bulk cargoes, liquid, gas...) through Chu Lai port.