THILOGI's 2024 Business Plan Conference, held on February 1, unveiled a strategic roadmap for the company and its subsidiaries over the next five years (2023-2027). 

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THILOGI's 2024 Business Plan Conference

THILOGI gears up for 2024 with a focus on strengthening management across legal, financial, and operational aspects. The company will optimize service quality and pricing for competitiveness, and embrace digital transformation. Additionally, developing human resources aligned with THACO's philosophy and industry trends will be key to achieving their business strategy.

THILOGI President Bui Minh Truc is presenting at the event

Speaking at the conference, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong directed: "THILOGI's strategic focus lies in creating standardized services that effectively empower THACO's Sub-holdings in their production and business activities. Leveraging this foundation, the company will expand into external markets, diversifying reach and impact. A key challenge for Chu Lai is its higher logistics costs, exceeding those of both the Southern and Northern Vietnam. To tackle this, THILOGI comes up with a multi-pronged approach, including road transport optimization: Establish transfer stations, define specialized routes, and assign suitable vehicles for efficient control, partnering with local authorities to expedite terminal upgrades and launch the Cua Lo channel for larger vessels, and lastly promote forwarding services, connecting businesses' supply chains and transforming Chu Lai into a prominent regional port."

THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong is giving his directions at the conference

The THACO Chairman also emphasized: “THILOGI's focus rests on elevating management practices, fostering a workforce highlighted by civility, integrity and honesty. The driving team will cultivate a professional demeanor marked by positive attitudes, and commitment to quality customer service. We keep initiatives going, like KPI-based compensation and enhanced training programs. Additionally, leaders and managers will be held accountable for translating vision into action, exemplifying commitment and responsibility. And we also need rigorous recruitment standards and quality training to ensure a high-performing workforce.”

THILOGI's best employees and teams of 2023

At the conference, THILOGI rewarded 2 individuals and 2 teams with excellent achievements in 2023.