Last week, at VSIP Quang Ngai Industrial Park, THILOGI Packing and Unpacking Company provided on-site packing services for ZIGUI JISHENG (Vietnam) WANGSHENG TEXTILES, ensuring their knitting machines and equipment are shipped securely to China. In August, THILOGI will continue to pack another batch of dryers for the firm. The packaging firm is also looking for new potential clients in Dung Quat Economic Zone in Quang Ngai Province to use this kind of service in the near future.


THILOGI Packing and Unpacking Company provides an array of services, including receiving, storing, packaging, dismantling and inspecting components. All are done in closely controlled processes in line with customer requirements and suitable for each brand or type of goods. The packaging materials used are wrapping, cardboard boxes, foam sheets, pallets, steel racks, wires, plastic wires, etc., all are of qualified standards. On the other hand, the company also provides accompanying services like stamping, labeling, generating codes, storage, inventory management, etc., to complete the professional packaging supply chain with different utilities. With quality service and competitive prices, the company has been providing the packaging services for items such as motorcycles, cars, tires, cabin covers, tires... to ship to America, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and more.


To improve productivity, service quality, and attract customers, the company continues to invest in modern equipment and increase the automation level of the lines, research and design new packaging solutions for different types of products, meeting domestic and export standards, make best use of available raw materials to reduce costs. The company promotes its application of technology, using software in management and production, such as sorting and controlling goods by barcodes, using supply chain management software for components, materials, etc. Information about its supply chain is also posted on and its social media to help customers easily access and find out on their own.