THILOGI joined the traffic law seminar hosted by Quang Nam Police's Youth Union and the Traffic Police Department of Dien Ban Town for the local young people.

The activity was to educate and raise the awareness of young people on traffic law and practices, guiding them in lawful acts to not breaking the laws, maintaining traffic order and safety in the area. At the program, representatives of THILOGI and THACO Youth Union gave 100 helmets to students and youth union members to remind them of traffic safety practices, while confirming THILOGI as a brand dedicated to community activities.

THILOGI is providing a full-package logistics service chain, including trucking across the country and to Laos and Cambodia. To ensure transport efficiency and safety, THILOGI has been making efforts in improving driving skills and legal knowledge for the drivers. The company has also cooperated with Quang Nam Police Department to educate traffic law to the local people.

1. Trao tặng mũ bảo hiểm cho thanh thiếu niên Thị xã Điện Bàn