High fuel prices, busy transportation schedules, large goods volumes, long distance, etc. are what most trucking or cross-border transporting firms are facing. As a strategic fruit exporter for THACO AGRI, THILOGI has been making every effort to provide safe and well-timed deliveries.

Fruit transporting and exporting is seeing sharp increases in demands. In the 2022’s second quarter, THILOGI Agricultural Trucking Ltd. (THILOGI Agri Trans) has transported nearly 4,000 containers of fruits of all kinds, up by 67% compared to the first quarter. Accumulatively, after the first half of the year, the company has carried more than 6,700 containers of fruits and 4,200 containers of agricultural materials.

On a monthly basis, the company transports more than 1,100 containers of fruits from THACO AGRI's farms in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam (the Central Highlands) to Chu Lai and Cat Lai ports of export. This year, THILOGI Agri Trans plans to transport 20,900 containers of fruits and 10,300 tons of agricultural materials, increasing 145% year on year.

To ensure the quality of agricultural products, the firm has been upgrading its fruit supply chain from packing, warehouse storage, border-gate goods transfer and exported cargo handling at the ports to bring convenience and cost efficiency to customers. Especially, facing the turbulence as today when fuel costs continue hitting new record highs, THILOGI has increased countertrade transportation of agricultural materials from southeast Vietnam to farms, and organized appropriate transport routes and schedules to cut costs for customers.