For many businesses, trucking is the first choice that comes to mind thanks to its "dynamism", convenience, simple procedures, flexible combination with other modes of transport, good adaptation to different terrain and weather conditions, and its ability to meet diverse transportation requirements. As a leading logistics provider in central Vietnam, THILOGI has the advantage in developing large-scale road transport which can save time and costs for customers with many optimal solutions.


Starting to provide road transport services since 2007, as of now, THILOGI has developed its own large-scale fleets of transport, including cage trucks, container trucks, refrigerated semi-trailers, cattle trucks, etc., which have systems of modern equipment and are digitally controlled. The drivers are also well-trained and experienced enough to transport goods on roads in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and more.


THILOGI's trucking can serve a variety of goods types, e.g. mechanical equipment, super-sized and super-weight goods, vehicles, CKD equipment, spare parts, agricultural goods (fruits, agri materials, livestock, rubber, sugar, chilies…) and other goods (paper, tablets, furniture…). The company has its transport routes throughout Vietnam, as well as the cross-border ones: Vietnam - Sekong, Savannakhet (Laos), Vietnam - Snoul, Koun Mom (Cambodia) crossing the border checkpoints in Nam Giang (Quang Nam province), Bo Y (Kon Tum province), Le Thanh (Gia Lai province), Hoa Lu (Binh Phuoc province). Right now, the corporation is developing the new routes on Bo Keo (Ratanakiri, Cambodia), National Highway 19B (Binh Dinh province) or upgrading and expanding current National Highway 14E (Quang Nam province) to carry goods from Laos and Cambodia, shortening the distance and saving costs.

To control and ensure goods quality, timely delivery for customers across the country, THILOGI has built 3 distribution centers in the north, central and southern regions, warehouses and stations nationwide, and upgraded its internal forwarding and transport chain which transfers goods from the packing workshop to the central warehouse, and from the central warehouse to the border checkpoints to optimize logistics costs. Besides, the firm has built and put into operation the Vehicle Distribution Center in Chu Lai (Quang Nam province) to form the transport chain for vehicles and parts, depots (warehouses, stations) at Bo Y and Le Thanh border checkpoints and invested in goods handling equipment to optimize its services and ensure smooth transportation. 


With potential and regular goods from big customers (Vinamilk, Hoa Phat, Quang Ngai Agro-Food Company, Thanh Thanh Cong, THACO AGRI, THACO INDUSTRIES, THACO AUTO...) as well as standardized transportation routes, THILOGI has increased counter-trade transportation to maximize the efficiency of its fleets, diversify options for customers with the most suitable transportation routes.