Nui Thanh District Youth Union's "Support for disadvantaged children" program received a heartwarming boost from THILOGI. The corporation not only donated 100 gifts to underprivileged children in Tam Giang and Tam Tra communes but also provided 50 helmets to ensure their safety while on the roads.

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THILOGI presents 50 gifts for disadvantaged children at Tam Tra commune on International Children’s Day 

Mr. Duong Van Bao, Secretary of Nui Thanh Youth Union, shared: "The thoughtful gifts provided a welcome source of joy and motivation for these underprivileged children. This initiative reflects the THILOGI Board of Directors' commitment to supporting the well-being of the next generation. The district union looks forward to collaborating with THILOGI on future volunteer programs."


THILOGI trao tặng 50 phần quà cho các em có hoàn cảnh khó khăn nhân ngày Quốc tế thiếu nhi (1/6) tại xã Tam Trà
Also on this day, the logistics company presents another 50 gifts for disadvantaged children at Tam Tra commune 

THILOGI has been a dedicated community partner since the beginning of the year. Their collaborative efforts include "Border Spring - Warming Villagers' Hearts," building gratitude houses, distributing Tet gifts to underprivileged families, and participating in high school career guidance programs. Through these initiatives, THILOGI embodies its commitment to social responsibility and promotes a spirit of kindness within the community.