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After a period of careful research, in 2017, in response to the Government's call to develop agri as one of the key economic sectors of Vietnam, along with the advantages of Mechanical and Automotive, THACO decided to decided to implement the strategy of "agricultural industrialization", operating based on industrial governance and applying high technology to close the agricultural value chain, through Truong Hai Agri Joint Stock Company (THACO AGRI).

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Currently, with a land area of more than 84,000 hectares and infrastructure being upgraded and newly built, THACO AGRI develops Agro-Forestry in the fields of Cultivation, Livestock, Agricultural Product Processing, Supply of machinery and equipment. by Agri and Forestry. In which, all stages in the agricultural production value chain: from cultivation to harvesting, transportation, storage, processing and distribution are mechanized.

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At the farm, arduous activities such as plowing and planting have been replaced by machines (underground plows, shovels, etc.)

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The care process such as spraying and fertilizing is also supported by machines to ensure more uniform and quality agricultural products.

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The process of harvesting and processing is done mostly by specialized machinery and structures (trailers for pulling bananas, trailers carrying stumps...); saves a lot of energy and time.

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Large-scale livestock farms, follow a strict process from breeding to grazing and feed.

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With the goal of raising the level of Vietnamese agri, THACO AGRI not only implements mechanization, but the "level" of Vietnamese agri is also raised in terms of personnel. Investing in agri, THACO AGRI at the same time helps to upgrade "muddy hands and feet" farmers into workers on farms and farms, providing livelihoods and improving living standards for people in the area. THACO AGRI investment. Since then, changing the mindset of farming, helping people access modern methods. And we have the right to be proud and optimistic about a bright future ahead of the country's agri in general and THACO AGRI in particular.