The seminar welcomed two distinguished speakers: Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Ngoc Thanh, Head of the Structures and Construction Department at Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport and Dr. Le Manh Tuan, Head of the Mechanics Department at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education. Additionally, 25 THADICO employees, including experts, managers, and leaders from THADIDESIGN, Real Estate Construction and Sales Departments actively participated in the event.

The workshop delved into three key areas: discussions on new concrete technologies like ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC) and Geopolymer concrete, the feasibility of using high-strength steel (HSS) in long-span beams, Nonlinear optimization techniques were examined for their effectiveness in constructing foundation pits on challenging soil conditions, specifically weak clay. Additionally, the workshop emphasized the crucial role of concrete and steel materials throughout the construction process, recognizing their importance from the very beginning of project implementation.

THADICO's "New construction material technology" seminar

The conference dived deep into the advantages and disadvantages of new material technologies, comparing them against traditional materials to guide optimal material selection for enhanced project quality, safety, and sustainability in construction.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Huan, THADICO Structural Design Manager said: The adoption of advanced materials like UHPC concrete, Geopolymer concrete, and HSS offers significant advantages to the construction industry, including space optimization, reduced structural cross-sections, cost savings, and environmental protection. These advancements also enable the creation of unique and visually appealing architectural designs.

The workshop equipped THADICO and THADIDESIGN employees with valuable knowledge of advanced construction technologies, enabling them to translate this knowledge into practical applications and address the growing demand for infrastructure and urban development projects.