To improve staff performance, THADICO organized a training course on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Strategy Development and Performance Evaluation for nearly 40 senior-level staff members in Sala City, Ho Chi Minh City.


The course instructed the learners how to develop KPI strategies in the system, therefrom applying the performance measurement throughout THADICO from the operations management departments to the affiliated units.

The training focused on key topics as performance evaluation methods, strategies for implementing KPI according to the MBO - OGSM framework and practice, evaluate on KPI application based on THADICO's real data.

The trainer was Ms. Nong Vuong Phi – one of the few well-trained HR experts in Vietnam who got a Master of Human Resource Management at Columbia Southern University (the U.S.). She also had profound experience in consulting and giving training for different advanced HR-related certificates, expertise and skill development for businesses.

According to the trainer, KPIs is an extension of goal management methods to ensure that the goal is well divided into specific and measurable action plans. From there, businesses will base on the action plans and specific metrics to align employees with the target at the company, department and employee levels.


The training course will continue its second session on August 27 to review knowledge and give further practice, evaluate and apply KPIs based on the company’s actual data. After the course, each participant will receive their training certificate.