The Association of Vietnam Colleges and Universities (AVU&C) partnered with THACO College to host a scientific conference titled "College - Current Status and Solutions" on May 31 at the THACO Chu Lai Office.

Đại diện Tập đoàn THACO, ông Đỗ Minh Tâm - Tổng Giám đốc THACO INDUSTRIES phát biểu chào mừng
Mr. Do Minh Tam, THACO INDUSTRIES President is making his welcome remark

A distinguished group of guests attended the conference, including Associate Professor, Dr. Le Huy Hoang, the Deputy Director of the Department of Education, Dr. Pham Vu Quoc Binh, the Deputy Director General of the General Department of Vocational Education, and Dr. Vu Ngoc Hoang, the Chairman of the Association of Vietnam Colleges and Universities. Additionally, nearly 100 scientists, experts, and representatives from educational institutions, universities, and colleges across the country participated.

Toàn cảnh Hội thảo "Cao đẳng - Thực trạng và giải pháp"
The "College - Current Status and Solutions" seminar

The conference centered on a comprehensive examination of Vietnam's college education system. Delegates engaged in discussions on the role of colleges in shaping the national workforce, drawing on both international and domestic experiences. Specific areas of focus included the various types of college education offered in Vietnam, strategies to enhance training quality, fostering stronger school-business partnerships, and the ongoing impact of digital transformation. Through these discussions, the conference aimed to assess the current state of college education, identify solutions to address existing challenges, and chart a new course for improving the quality of training.

ThS Phan Tiềm - Hiệu trưởng Trường Cao đẳng THACO trình bày tham luận tại Hội thảo
Mr. Phan Tiem, THACO College Principal is delivering his speech

In his address, Mr. Phan Tiem, the Principal of THACO College shed light on the college's enrollment and training practices, while acknowledging both strengths and areas for improvement within the broader college education system. He emphasized THACO College's success in developing a skilled workforce aligned with the Group's multidisciplinary strategy. As a testament to this success, the college boasts a graduate placement rate exceeding 95% within THACO and its Sub-holdings annually.

THACO's workforce is projected to grow significantly by around 15% annually between 2024 and 2027, translating to additional 9,000-10,000 jobs per year. To address this expanding need, THACO is actively engaged in recruitment and training initiatives. However, challenges exist in attracting high school graduates to THACO College's programs in mechanical engineering and agriculture, due to a generally low demands for college education among this demographic. Similarly, recruiting qualified instructors in specialized fields like automotive technology, welding, and veterinary medicine presents hurdles.

Hội thảo thu hút gần 100 đại biểu gồm các nhà khoa học, chuyên gia và đại diện các cơ sở giáo dục đại học, cao đẳng trên cả nước tham dự
The seminar draws nearly 100 scientists, experts and representatives from educational institutions, universities, and colleges across the country

“Enhancing the effectiveness of colleges depends on strategic policy changes at the national level. We need to optimize the decentralization and management of training levels within the education system, transfer specific programs between vocational schools, colleges, and universities, and consider business labor demands," the Principal of THACO College added.

During their visit, the Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges delegation toured THACO's facilities, including its automobile manufacturing plants, mechanical component and spare parts production units, and the Chu Lai port.