In a celebration of the 93rd anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union this March, the THACO Youth Union organized a program filled with meaningful activities.

Giao lưu bóng đá Đoàn Khối Doanh nghiệp, các Cơ quan tỉnh Đồng Nai
Football exchange between units in the Dong Nai Province’s Emulation Business Group

On March 16, the THACO Youth Union participated in a friendly football match against teams from Dong Nai Province's Emulation Business Group No. 2 at the Le Hoang Stadium in Bien Hoa City. This event fostered camaraderie, and the THACO Youth Union also had the opportunity to connect with representatives from Dong Nai provincial agencies, authorities, and secretaries from the business group.

Members of the THACO Headquarters and THACO AUTO Bien Hoa unions embarked on a commemorative trip to the La Nga Victory Monument in Dong Nai Province from March 23 to 24.  There, they paid their respects to the heroic martyrs who made the sacrifice for the national freedom. The group also learned about the historic La Nga victory in 1948, a pivotal moment marking the first victory of the Vietnamese army and people against French colonial forces in the Southern region.

Hành trình tìm về địa chỉ đỏ tại Di tích Tượng đài Chiến thắng La Ngà-1
Journey to La Nga Victory Monument

As part of the program celebrating the 93rd Anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26), members from THACO Headquarters and THACO AUTO Bien Hoa actively participated in Dong Nai Province's 2024 Camp held in Tan Phu district, including: tent design contest, team building games, reunion meal contest, cultural exchange program, campfire gathering. The program served as a valuable platform for union officials, members, and young people to connect, share experiences, and build relationships that contribute to a positive work environment.

THACO Youth Union prioritizes cultivating and identifying promising union members and young people for potential Party membership, strengthening the party cell's future.

In 2023, twelve outstanding union members were identified and recommended to attend the Party awareness training class. Notably, four of these individuals successfully joined the Party, actively contributing to its growth and development.