Aiming to become a smart factory, Thaco Truck, under THACO AUTO has been investing in production technologies to boost automation and digital management, promoting R&D and applying software and systems into production chain management. Recently, the plant has studied and successfully applied the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) to ensure operation efficiency, improve productivity and product quality.

SCADA - A smart production management model

SCADA is considered the "brain" to manage all production operations at the factory by data collection, management and analysis, controlling equipment and sending out error warnings, and storing equipment working data. On the grounds of lean management combined with automated lines, SCADA controls the entire operation of the line to follow the right process, i.e. controlling the quality of welds and giving timely welding gun maintenance notices, updating data on ED coating tanks, controlling the operations of the automated paint supply system to ensure paint surface quality. Simultaneously, the system can monitor real-time speeds of conveyor belts, product volumes to provide the most accurate and detailed supervision before products reach the inspection line, ensuring continuous and efficient operations throughout the welding, painting to assembly lines and inspection lines, as well as product quality at each stage.


Digital management and product quality improvement

Automating production and managing digitally are indispensable requirements to improve product quality and competitive edges of businesses.


The application of SCADA will hopefully help the plant increase its production capacity and management, control product quality at each stage, improve product quality and reduce production costs, partly contributing to build digitalized smart factories that meet large-scale production to serve the domestic and export markets.