To enable Quang Nam students having the opportunity to study and to work at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park (IP) after graduation, THACO offers special policies to support the local students who are studying at the universities that are in close partnerships with the company.

Accordingly, the local high-school students enrolling in faculties at universities that are cooperating with THACO will be evaluated for scholarships if they have outstanding academic achievements. They will spend their internship at THACO IP and have their graduation project supervised by THACO's staff members.

In addition, they are entitled to free training on specialized knowledge and skills for the job after graduation. During the internship and graduation project supervision, if the students meet the university's graduation criteria, they will be able to sign a labor contract with THACO and have a job right after graduation.

During the 2022 university enrollment season, THACO will send its representatives to the career orientation programs at the provincial high schools to advise and create opportunities for students to choose the right career path to qualify as a THACO employee, thereby contributing to the national development.

Owing to its increasing investments in key projects signed with Quang Nam People's Committee, THACO's current demand for high-quality human resources is huge.

Therefore, in preparing the human capacity for its multi-industry development strategy, THACO has signed multiple cooperation agreements on training and research with different prestigious universities across the country to build training courses, internship programs, seminars to introduce new products, new technologies ... to help improve training quality, meeting the practical requirements of the company in particular and the labor market in general.