From August 24 to 26, the TechFest Quang Nam 2023 took place, themed "Building the National Start-up Spirit". THACO was the Diamond Sponsor of the program.


Embracing the spirit "Quang Nam - An open land for creative startups", TechFest Quang Nam 2023 is a representative scientific - economic - social event of the "Start-up Nation Year - Quang Nam 2023". The program includes 9 activities and events, which have attracted the participation of many provinces, cities, sponsors, start-up experts and advisors locally and internationally.


Also from the event, on August 24, at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park, a high-level forum named Developing Innovative Startup Ecosystem for leaders of provinces or cities was held by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Ministry of Science and Technology and Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee.


At the forum, Mr. Do Minh Tam, THACO INDUSTRIES President shared the start-up history of THACO and THACO INDUSTRIES. He emphasized, “We had seen great opportunities to start a business in mechanics and supporting industry manufacturing. Ever since, we have been modifying and improving our business strategy and developing complementary, highly integrated, modern and digitalized industrial parks. We also worked with Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee to build a mechanics and supporting industries joint-venture model to engage the start-up community in Quang Nam and Central Vietnam to contribute ideas and join our production chain". Also in the program, the delegates had a field trip to visit the THACO's production facilities in Chu Lai.


On the same day, in Connect to Breakthrough show on VTV8 themed "Quang Nam - Building the National Start-up Spirit", Mr. Do Minh Tam talked about THACO's entrepreneurial spirit, model of cooperation in mechanical manufacturing led by THACO INDUSTRIES, ideas and suggestions for start-ups to seize cooperation opportunities and participate in the production chain of THACO or THACO INDUSTRIES, as well as other big firms in the market.


The TechFest Quang Nam 2023 had nearly 300 participants with around 1,000 start-up ideas and products, OCOP products, or industrial agricultural products. In the exhibition, THACO INDUSTRIES introduced automation solutions (overhead conveyor belts combined with AGV), localized passenger car parts and components (bumpers, wiring harnesses, seat frames, car seats, body parts, etc.), molds, mechanical details and components.


Sponsoring TechFest Quang Nam 2023, THACO wants to be an advocate of the entrepreneurial spirit, the start-up culture, or a bridge for businesses to promote their products, production capacity, to expand cooperation among them to develop the startup ecosystem, helping to realize the goals of the "Supporting the national startup ecosystem by 2025" project approved by the Prime Minister.