On August 20, at the Prime Minister-chaired conference "Developing a flexible, modern, sustainable and integrated labor market”, THACO President Pham Van Tai delivered his speech on "Solutions on employee retention to serve THACO's development strategy in the new period."

THACO is now home to 60,000 staff members, one half in Vietnam and the other half in other countries, in which 32% have bachelor and postgraduate degrees, 18% have technical associate degrees, and 50% are technical workers. During 2022 -  2025, the company’s recruitment demands will increase by 15% per year, equivalent to 9 to 10 thousand jobs per year.

In the future, THACO aims to develop a work force in line with its business and digital transformation strategy towards sustainable development in the context of regional and global integration. To ensure the numbers and quality of staff for its multi-industry strategy towards sustainable development, THACO has used different solutions at the same time, mainly offering recruitment and training opportunities for local employees who are living in the locations around THACO production bases, aiming to develop a workforce with industrial demeanors and ethics with regular upgrading programs to meet the company business strategies and plans in each period.

THACO chủ động trong công tác đào tạo - huấn luyện cho đội ngũ nhân sự

Also at the event, the THACO representative has proposed solutions to develop the Vietnamese labor market in the new period as follows:

1. Develop systematic policies in HR development according to the regional economic development plans. Focus on reorganizing the education and training system from high school to higher education and vocational schools on par with advanced education in the region and the world. Particularly, focus on developing high-quality employees to realize the country's socioeconomic development goals.

2. Improve efficiency, eliminate waste in HR management, especially addressing job shortages after training, or reorganizing training, building cooperation mechanisms between the Government - Schools - Enterprises to forecast labor trends and demands in the new period.

3. Increase investments in scientific and technological facilities such as scientific research centers and talent training centers. Step by step modernize the facilities towards international standards; renovate education programs, contents, research and training methods in line with the current digital transformation context.

4. Develop supporting mechanisms to attract foreign scientists and experts to participate in working, scientific research, training, technology transfers and production in order to strengthen the globalization capacity in the Vietnamese workforce.

HR development is always THACO's focal responsibility and goal, especially in the new period. To become a leading multi-industry corporation in ASEAN region which sustainably develops in the context of regional and global integration, all THACO employees will enter a new chapter with new horizons with the VALUE PHILOSOPHY to develop along with THACO and contribute to the national development.