To celebrate International Children's Day and show appreciation for their employees' families, THACO gave away over 25,000 gifts to staff members' children. The annual program was collaborated between THACO Corporate Affairs Department and THACO Trade Union.

Company-wide, Trade Unions at THACO and Sub-holdings distributed more than 25,000 gifts which serve as both a recognition of the children's achievements and an encouragement for their continued learning.

Ms. Tran Thi Huynh Nhu from THACO HR Department shared: "THACO and the Trade Union's focus on employees' families fosters a stronger work environment. Knowing our families are supported gives us the peace of mind and dedication to excel and achieve company goals.”

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THACO AUTO organizes interesting activities for children on International Children's Day at companies and units

THACO AUTO's Children's Day program burst with fun activities at its companies and units. From mastering car escape skills to enjoying cultural performances and games, the day was filled with laughter and joy. Seeing the children's bright smiles and innocent energy dancing with friends was a true happiness for every employee.

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Dung, a Peugeot sales representative at THACO AUTO Giai Phong said: "There's no greater joy for parents than seeing their children laugh. THACO AUTO's Children's Day program provided a wonderful opportunity for families to bond and for children to create lasting memories."

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THACO AUTO The unit's leadership and the THACO AUTO Trade Union present gifts to encourage the children to keep trying in their studies and training 
Khối Sản xuất THACO AUTO tổ chức tặng quà và chương trình tham quan nhà máy sản xuất lắp ráp ô tô cho con em CBNV
THACO AUTO Production Division organizes gift giving and a tour around the automobile manufacturing plants for employees' children  

Over 300 children at THACO AUTO Production Division embarked on a fun-filled learning adventure, including watching a movie about International Children's Day, exploring the fascinating world of car manufacturing at the THACO AUTO Complex, and even visited Chu Lai Port. For many, it was their first glimpse of the cutting-edge robots, impressive vehicles, and the very place where their parents contribute every day.

Gia đình chị Võ Thị Duyên cùng các con tại Showroom THACO Mazda
Ms. Vo Thi Duyen's family at THACO Mazda Showroom 

Pham Nhu Y, the 12-year-old daughter of Ms. Vo Thi Duyen, a human resources specialist at THACO KIA said: "I am very happy and excited to see where Mom works. It is also where I want to work in the future. Though I'm a girl, I really like cars and I want to become an automotive engineer someday."

Lãnh đạo KLH Snuol trao tặng những suất quà cho các em học sinh đạt thành tích tốt
Snuol Complex leaders award gifts to high-achieving students

The Board of Directors at Snuol and Koun Mom Complexes showered 734 Cambodian employees' children with gifts and engaging activities. This annual tradition showcases THACO's commitment to their employees' families and fosters a stable work environment which contributes to the well-being and educational aspirations of the next generation.

Nath Sok Khon, a 3rd-grade student shared: "Getting a gift and playing games with friends at the Complex was awesome. Seeing the awards for good students really inspired me. I'm going to work extra hard next semester to reach for one myself."

Các em học sinh tiểu học tham gia hoạt động vẽ tranh nhân ngày Quốc tế thiếu nhi
Primary school students participate in a painting activity on International Children's Day 
Các em thiếu nhi tại Xí nghiệp chuối AD và Xí nghiệp Chăn nuôi Bò sinh sản KLH Koun Mom phấn khởi nhận quà
Children at AD Banana Factory and Koun Mom Complex's Cattle Breeding Factory are excited to receive their gifts 

THACO's Children's Day program fosters connections between parents and children, creating lasting memories. It also aims to make THACO a second home, where future generations are inspired to carry on the company's values.

THACO actively invests in the well-being of the employees' families through programs that recognize children's academic achievement ("Study well - Live well") and gift-giving during holidays like Tet.