The course was organized on September 12 for 104 senior leaders and potential leaders at THACO and Sub-holdings working at Ho Chi Minh City office.


In the class, Mr. Pham Van Tai, THACO President explained the company's development history, vision, mission, strategy, business models, the complementarity and integration in its models, and the organization structure of THACO and Sub-holdings in 2023. In particular, functions of the professional departments at THACO Headquarters were given a closer look. Accordingly, THACO's Corporate Function Departments have two main functions, first, advise, synthesize, coordinate, manage and issue policies, regulations, and supervise compliance, and secondly, advise and support professional training for Sub-holdings and units.


He added, "In order to become a leading multi-industry corporation in Southeast Asia, THACO and Sub-holdings, especially the THACO Headquarters, need to fulfill all of the pillars, i.e. value philosophy, distinct strategy, specific management, qualified personnel and a civil and convenient workplace.


He also emphasized the importance of the human factor in the management and strategy, which has been pointed out in Message 2023 of THACO Chairman, "In 2023, THACO focuses on HR management. Accordingly, we will keep developing leaders and potential leaders, building ethical and competent leaders with governance expertise through succession planning, consistent with the THACO's development strategy during global integration and digitalization."


Mr. Ho Cong Thoai, a THACO HR Management Assistant shared, "the training was a valuable experience for me to know the company leaders' perspectives as well as to cultivate deeper insights about the company. At THACO, I have had the opportunities to hone my knowledge and skills, and am ready to take on new challenges. I hope there would be more useful classes like this in the future for us to improve."


After the training, the participants have better understood the governance model of THACO and Sub-holdings, thereby aligning their leading styles and methods to promote their roles and to contribute to THACO's overall development.