The training was given on October 5 by THACO HR Department for 26 new members working at different departments at THACO and Sub-holdings at the Ho Chi Minh City Office. The training is mandatory for every joiner to learn company info and culture to adapt effectively in their work.


In the session, Mr. Nguyen Mot, the THACO Corporate Culture and Communication Director introduced THACO history over the past 25 years, the company's vision, mission and core values that form THACO culture, business model, the structure of THACO and Sub-holdings as well as its development strategies.


During his lecture, he emphasized the THACO core values that center on humanity, "making substantial contributions to communities" through products and services, and adhere to "social responsibility". During the past 25 years, the 8 principles "Dedicated - Honest - Intelligent - Confident - Respectful - Committed - Thoughtful - Convenient" have been playing a core role in the THACO culture which guides each employee to become a brand ambassador for the company.


Regarding the company regulations, Mr. Nguyen Le Minh Chau, the THACO HR Vice Director introduced information about operations at THACO, workplace regulations, HR policies and benefits. The Q&A after that also answered questions from the new employees, helping them better understand the working culture and regulations of the Group.


One of the trainees, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh Thien, a HR Software Management Specialist at THACO shared, "The orientation has provided me with useful information about the company culture. I am impressed with the "Civil - Convenient" working environment and the culture of discipline at THACO, especially the philosophy in building quality workforces. In each philosophy, the "individual" go together with the "company". Although I am still learning, I hope I can adapt myself and have a long-term commitment with the group as there are many opportunities to learn and develop together with other coworkers. I am proud to become part of the THACO family."